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Tailored Therapy Treats Eating Disorders

How Treatment Specialized for an Eating Disorder Enhances Positive Outcomes As anyone suffering from an eating disorder can attest, it is next to impossible to will oneself back to healthy, normal eating patterns once the disorder has become entrenched. Because eating disorders are so varied, and the roots of each type of eating disorder so […]

Casa Serena Leading Eating Disorders Treatment Provider in Bay Area

Leading Eating Disorders Treatment Provider in Bay Area In the crowded field of mental health providers who specialize in treating addiction and eating disorders, business longevity is rare.  Start-up facilities come and go at lightening speed, here one day and-Poof!- gone the next.  To survive and thrive in the business of treatment and recovery it […]

Treating a Food Addiction as an Addiction

Differences Exist Between Food Addiction and Binge-eating Disorder Most of us understand the temptation to eat more chocolate cake than we know is good for us, right?  What is it about chocolate that often results in a total hijacking of the will, an unchecked hand-to-mouth response that usually doesn’t cease until every morsel of said […]

Binge Eating Disorder Linked to Social Anxiety

The Vicious Cycle of Binge Eating and Social Isolation The connection between negative body image and anxiety around social interactions is extremely common, and often has its origins in the pre-teens.  The usual pattern follows a predictable path:  Adolescent is bullied about their appearance, size, or weight which ultimately causes the victim to seek solace […]

The Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Eating Disorders

 As with any important decision in life, choosing the right treatment option for an eating disorder (ED) comes down to need and lifestyle.  Factors such as the severity of the ED, finances, and family/work/academic obligations will determine whether an individual is in need of intensive inpatient care, basic outpatient services, or an intensive outpatient program […]

Trauma Triggers Eating Disorders

How Past Traumatic Events may cause Eating Disorders  The after-effects of having experienced a traumatic event can reach far deeper than the initial stress response to the event.  Intense emotional traumas, whether caused by the loss of a loved one, physical or sexual abuse, divorce, or a natural disaster, can trigger significant psychological upheaval. How […]

Importance of Family Therapy in Treating Eating Disorders

How Family Support and Understanding Aids in E.D. Recovery No problem exists in a vacuum, a fact that applies to eating disorders as well as any other type of mental health condition. Because as human beings we live within a family structure, it comes as no surprise that, when one member of the family develops […]

The Folly of Fad Diets

How Fad Diets can Result in an Eating Disorder For decades now, fad diets have tempted otherwise intelligent people into the most asinine eating routines in the hopes of shedding some unwanted weight. You name it, we’ve witnessed the craziest food trends—from the ubiquitous grapefruit diet, to zany fad diets like the Hollywood cookie diet, […]

Don’t Oversimplify the Cause of Eating Disorders

Common Misunderstandings about the Cause of an Eating Disorder Dismiss Important Factors We humans can be a simple-minded breed. In order to make sense of difficult or challenging issues in our lives we seek ways to make quick and easy assessments, avoiding the work involved in plumbing the layers of complexity to get to the […]

The Dangers of Body Dysmorphic Disorder

How a Distorted Body Image Fuels Disordered Eating Preoccupation with body image usually kicks in during adolescence. In the early teen years, kids suddenly become obsessed with what society has determined as “good looks.” Many will pore over fashion or celebrity magazines, identifying the physical traits of seeming perfection, and then begin comparing these “perfect” […]