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Athletes with Eating Disorders

How the Demands in Athletic Competition Fuel Disordered Eating It’s easy to grasp how an athlete may develop an eating disorder.  Competition among athletes is fierce, and the pressure to meet the perceived physical appearance standards or weight requirements of a sport can be unrelenting.  In fact, according to a 2004 study from Norway, athletes […]

Calling Binge Eating what it is…a Real Disorder

Understanding the Very Real Dangers of BED When people hear the terms ‘anorexia’ or ‘bulimia,’ most understand these words to represent complex mental health disorders that result in disordered eating.  For decades now, public awareness of the serious emotional issues that underlie anorexia and bulimia have helped people understand the validity of these dangerous psychiatric […]

Males Battle Eating Disorders, Too

The Eating Disorder Landscape is Not Only Populated by Females While eating disorders may be more prevalent among females, plenty of males are also struggling with these dangerous disorders. In fact, the National Eating Disorders Association reports that while 20 million females are affected by eating disorders at some point in their lives, 10 million […]

Treating Eating Disorders with Psych Meds

Treatment for an eating disorder commonly includes a multi-disciplinary approach with the psychotherapist and psychiatrist as the primary treatment providers. In addition, a licensed dietician and a primary care physician make up the rest of the team involved in the care of the patient.   Depending on the type of eating disorder diagnosed, use of specific […]

Eating Disorders Treated with EMDR

The Treatment Benefits of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Behind each person’s eating disorder is a unique set of causes. There is no one single reason why an otherwise healthy individual might develop disordered eating habits. Causes range from taking extreme measures to fit in to a perceived societal ideal of physical beauty to trauma […]